MOLYTROP® - Dry-Lubricant "fluid"


MOLYTROP® is made of MoS2 with organic and inorganic components, which control the stability and flow characteristics. The substrate transports the MoS2 components to the dedicated lubrication point. By the movement of the friction partners the MoS2 is rolled in and completely dries. In that way a highly stressable, wear-resistant and dry lubrication layer of MoS2 is produced. MOLYTROP® often replaces loss lubrication through oil and grease by working on minimum lubrication. MOLYTROP® does not contain any mineral oil!


MOLYTROP® is filled in commercial lubrication dispensers and can be continuously applied, like oil or grease, on the dedicated surfaces. MOLYTROP® can be used with standard lubrication-systems. Thanks to its flow characteristics, maintained by special components, MOLYTROP® is only fluid in the moment of application and later reacts as a dry lubricant.



  • dry und dust repellent - used in harsh operating conditions and dusty environments where oil and grease can't be used because they are dust binding
  • high speeds - e.g. on turning parts. Due to high circumferential speeds, oil and grease can not be used because their adhesive effect is much to low and they get slung away. Here MOLYTROP® is a solution.
  • high-temperatures - usable in high-temperature-environments
  • low-maintenance - where long maintenance intervals are demanded. only small amounts of wear-protective material are needed to protect a surface
  • eco-friendly - lowest water hazard classification
  • water-resistant - usable in humid environments
  • very low friction coefficents
  • easy integration into present systems - all state of the art lubrication systems for oil and grease work also with MOLYTROP®
  • preventing wear and corrosion


cans: 0,25 bis 5 kg

euro-cartridges: 400 ml

automatik-cartridges: 60 ml, 125ml, 250 ml


This dry-lubricant is mostly used, where installing lubrication blocks is not possible or where an already installed lubricating system for oil or grease shall be used for dry lubrication.

  • manual application:The lubricant is applied manually in fix intervals. MOLYTROP® can be applied manually by spraying or brushing. Further on euro-cartridges (DIN 1284) can be used to apply the lubricant manually or electonically controlled by grease guns.
  • automatic application: Here the lubricant can be directly aqpllied by cartidges or it can be sucked out of bigger containers by lubricant pumps directly to the lubrication point. Automatic cartgidges provide a continuous flow of lubricant over time which can be adjusted. Throught these possibilities of automatic lubricant supply, a permanent optimum in lybrcant layer thickness can be guaranteed.

Every kind of application of lubricants which can be used for oil and grease, can also be used for MOLYTROP®.

Proven funktionality and feasibility in state of the art hydraulic pumps and central lubricating systems in many applications.


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