Cable lubrication with lubrication blocks

Reducing friction forces within cables between strands which occure when bending it is important.


Re-lubrication of cables is done by dry-lubricant blocks which are pressed against the cables by springs. As the cabel moves realtively to the cable lubrication system, it is lubricated. The cable lubrication system embraces the cable and therefor lubricates it from all sides at once.



  • no contamination of the cable through dust and particles by dust binding oil and grease
  • Highly increased bearable bending cycles in the lifetime of a cable and highly reduced friction within a cable can be observed

Our cable lubrication products are equipped with our dry lubrication blocks and therefore they have the same caracteristics when it comes to applicability.


Our cable lubrication products are customized for every customers needs. We can put solutions for different cable diameters into practice.


If you need further information about applications of this product, you can find it here.


The cable lubrication unit is put around the cable and fastened to any not moving obeject in the vicinity mostly by chains.


Mostly this product is used with cables on cranes. Nevertheless it can be used in any operation where moving cables need to be lubricated.

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