wear protection with lubrication blocs

A simple but effective way to reduce wear, is to use „dry lubrication blocks“ for surface conditioning. The blocks are mounted in a way, that they continuously glide on the surface, which should be protected, using spring pressure (like electric carbon brushes). In that way,  a protective layer of 0.001 - 0.005 mm is applied. The lubricating particles are integrated into the metal or plastic surface where they produce a highly stressable dry layer.

Lubrication-blocks(friction coefficient 0.015): for all applications with a need for wear-protection and a dry consistent lubrication with low maintenance.



  • dry und dust repellent - used in harsh operating conditions and dusty environments where oil and grease can't be used because they are dust binding
  • high speeds - e.g. on turning parts. Due to high circumferential speeds, oil and grease can not be used because their adhesive effect is much to low and they get slung away. Here MOLYTROP® is a solution.
  • high-temperatures - usable in high-temperature-environments
  • low-maintenance - where long maintenance intervals are demanded. only small amounts of wear-protective material are needed to protect a surface
  • eco-friendly - lowest water hazard classification
  • wasser-resistant - usable in humid environments
  • very low friction coefficents
  • preventing wear an corrosion


gears, rings, shifting systems, elevators, high-bay warehouses, cranes, drums, guidings, asphalte mixers, concrete mixers, etc.


We diffentiate between dry lubricant blocks with high percentage of molybdenum disulphide (type 10036) and blocks with high percentage of graphite (type HG045, HG020). In additon we offer dry lubricant blocks with boron nitride as lubricating agent too. Because of that, we can offer the perfekt solution for every customer and it's application.


We produce variable sizes and shapes of lubricant blocks. We can also produce exactly the size and shape you need for your application.

mounting of lubrication blocks

Lubrication-blocks are held by brackets. These mounts are then installed on the machine where they are needed. For various mounting mechanisms we offer a wide spectrum of mounts for our blocks.

There are brackets with or without consumption display, also there are ones which are fast refillable from the backside.

This spectrum of brackets ensures the bloc to be held in the perfect position for the specific application.

If ther is no perfect bracket for your application, we can also produce one wich exactly matches your needs.


Specific application examples for adhesive blocks are listed in applications.

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If you would like to know more about our lubrication blocks, you can find detailed information in downloads.