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A goat for christmas

Dear customers and friends of the Hirner company!

We donate goats this year instead of bringing Christmas presents.


With a goat, single women in Burundi earn their own income, can fertilize their fields and contribute to the upswing of the entire village. Before the animals are handed over, the beneficiaries are trained so that they can keep and care for their goats appropriately. 


More information on the webiste of Caritas.

iLab Austria Expo 2020 Dubai - News

Unfortunately, MOLYTROP did not make it into the ranks of the exhibitors. It was worth a try and there may be a potential customer on the selection committee who became aware of the Hirner company and our products.

1.000 $ Double Tournament Kleinreifling

Sport is particularly important to us as a company, especially tennis. Therefore, we are particularly pleased every year to be able to support the $ 1,000 double tournament of the TC Kleinreifling.

Edison Award Ceremony

The Upper Austrian ideas competition for creative, technology and innovation-oriented inventors.



On July 3, the Edison 2019 was awarded in the Powertower of Energie AG in Linz. As former award winners, we were invited again this year to get to know networks and innovations in the industry.


iLab Austria Expo 2020 Dubai

Under the motto “Connecting Minds. Creating the Future ”will be the next world exhibition in Dubai.

We have submitted our product "Molytrop" as an innovative project and are currently waiting for the jury's decision. The shortlisted projects will be announced at the end of 2019 and the winners at the beginning of 2020. An innovation like ours, the technical innovation from Austria, which corresponds to the wishes of international customers in the large industry, for cost savings in maintenance, longer maintenance intervals and easier use, thanks to ongoing research and development. More information about the iLab.

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