Wire rope – Re-Lubrication Device

Mounting instruments: 


open-end and socket wrench SW 13mm

open-end and socket wrench SW 17mm, Allen wrench


Mounting device on rope: 

  • Opening both halfs. 
  • Installing respective guide jaws. 
  • Mounting device on appropriate point oft he rope. 
  • Mounting of 4 lubrication block brackets. 
  • Closing and clamping, installing saftey chain and shackles. 

  The safety rope is 2.0 meters long.. 


Installing of lubrication blocs in brackets: 

  • Loosing clamping device
  • pulling-out clamping device
  • installing lubrication blocks
  • installing brackets (see marking). 

Lubrication process:

  • The rope is going through the lubrication device and is supplied with lubricant on 4 sides through the lubrication blocks.  
  • The lubrication blocs shall be renewed before they are done completely. This ensures continuous lubrication.
  • The lubrication layer is perfect, as soon as the surface of the rope turns grey.