application on rotary tubes, rotary kilns, etc..

In rotary tubes or rotary kilns materials are heated and/or mixed, burned or sintered by rotation. Those installations are driven by sprockets or chain drives. 

The load of the drum lies on the supporting rollers.

The axial rollers serve to stabilize and move the rotary tubes to ensure the discharge of material. Axial rollers (thrust rollers) are hydraulically or mechanically pressed to the ring flanks.

Application on: 1. Supporting rollers, 2. Axial rollers or thrust rollers



Cement-, lime-, gypsum plants, plaster and mortar industry, chemical factories, paper mills, steel plants, sugar factories, quarries, raw material industry, etc. 

Problem with supporting rollers:  

Manual lubrication on supporting rollers and rings with oil and fats. 

Dust, rain, pollution negatively affect the durability of this manual lubrication. Danger of pollution because of dropping lubricant. 



According to the width of the rollers dry lubricating blocks HG045 are mounted on the supporting rollers.

To ensure a constant lubrication also on uneven rollers, 2-8 blocks in individual mountings, up to the required width of 200-500mm, are applied.


Individual blocks of HG045 material in different, partly standardized dimensions are as well standard solutions, i.e. 350x30x200mm, or 430x30x50mm 


Due to the dry lubricants we reach maintenance-free, ecological, dry and water-resistant lubrication that lasts up to 2 years!!! 

Problem on axial rollers:   

Axial rollers and lateral faces of supporting rings are extremely charged by high pressures – danger of deformation and shrinkage.



Application of lubricating blocks 10036 with frames and mountings on the axial rollers to prevent wear and deformation on axial rollers and the ring and at the same time to lubricate maintenance-free and dry.


Due to the application of molybdenum disulfide an extremely resilient and dry lubricating coating is formed which automatically and maintenance-free is renewed

Example on thrust-axial roller with a width of 150mm:

  • 2x lubricating block 10036 
  • 2x mountings H015Trkt, 
  • 1x frame with quick-change systemTrkt2