Lubrication blocks dry HG045 for mobile concrete mixers


Lubrication blocks dry - "HG045" are delivered with steel mountings. They are made of HG045 graphite and some further components, which ensure optimum dry lubrication. The functionality can be compared to electric carbon brushes.


Lubrication blocks dry - "HG045": They lubricate metal surfaces with a very hard and solid protection layer of 0,001 to 0,003 mm. After some time of running, the result is a dry and waterproof lubrication layer, which is neither dust or dirt adhesive nor drifts or gets wiped off.


Thanks to that, the costs for manual lubrication with all its negative aspects is redundant and the wear on treads is reduced.


characteristics – lubrication blocks dry - "HG045": 

  • dry, dust-repellent, no drift 
  • work with low maintenance
  • lubricate dry and continuously 
  • waterproof
  • resistant to high temperatures 
  • environmentally friendly
  • not hazardous
  • not subject to labelling


operating life: 18 - 24 months depending on the load!

Article No.: HG045 Set consists of:


 1 x mounting H0030:

made of stainless steel, with spiral spring and control hole

 1 x clamping device K0030, primed, weldable for M8x20 screws

 1 x lubrication block "HG045" (31x55x100mm)


 Refill with:


Article No.: HG045 block


Open the compression fitting, remove mounting, refill – ready to go!!!