Wear protection on gears and races using Molybdenum

Asphalt mixing plant with friction drive


Test July 2003

Near the inlet a kit of 3x wear-protection adhesion blocks type 10035 has been mounted. 

Outlet: no wear-protection blocks were mounted. 


Control order of client:

Covering and sealing of bootom side of gears and paper insert 


29.10.2003 - 9589 operating hours: 

Inserting control paper beneath the drive gears 


18.11.2003 - 9715 operating hours:

control pictures – see above



Metal-protection blocks are primarily delivered in block-form with steel mountings and consis of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and some other components that support optimum friction coefficients. 


Metal-protection blocks coat metal surfaces with a very hard and solid protection layer of 0,005 to 0,01 mm.


This layer produces a constant friction coefficient depending on the load

  • in case of lubrication blocks type 10036 and HG045 a low friction coefficient of 0,05 (manual lubrication with its disadvantages is redundant), the wear on treads is reduced considerably. 
  • in case of adhesion blocks type 10035 a higher friction coefficient  with adhesive function of 0,30 – 0,70 – dynamic friction coefficient, further protects the surfaces of flaking and wear. 

Respective steel mountings with spring steel compartment are included. The mounting is easy and cost-effective.


As for asphalt mixing plants tests have shown a three-times extended maintenance interval of drive and support gears as well as races. 


Characteristics of wear-protection blocks:

  • dry, dust repellant, do not drip or drift  
  • work longterm and without maintenance 
  • coat dry and continuously 
  • waterproof
  • resistant to high temperatures (300 ºC); 
  • environmentally friendly (WHC 1)

Application possibilities: 

  • support and drive gears
  • races, slewing rings
  • pressure gears in rotary kilns 
  • dryers, mills
  • cranes and railbound conveyors (i.e. high-bay warehouses) 
  • pulleys in wire-rope installations 
  • wheels of locomotive or wagon, etc. 

Mounting points of block-brackets on inlet gears through the cover. (illustration)


Mounting of 1 Kit / gear  adhesion or lubrication block with 2 to 8 blocks depending on gear-width. 


The coating is applied to the ring and the gear above. 

After approx. 3-4 weeks the whole surface of all parts should be coated. In that way gears and rings run on a layer of molybdenum which protects the metal surface from wear. 


The operating life of gears and rings may be tripled.