Application on asphalt mixing plants

Chain Drive


The rotary drier is driven by a chain.



A manual lubrication of supporting rollers and rings by oil or fats is required.

Dust, rain, pollution, manual lubrication is time consuming, pollution from dropping lubricant

Costs for new rolls are about € 14 000.



According to the width of the rollers, two sets of dry lubricating blocks(HG045) are mounted on the supporting rollers.


Due to the dry lubricants a maintenance-low, ecological, dry and water resistant lubrication is realized. (up to 2 years!!!)

Friction Drive


The rotary drier is driven by rollers.



Due to permanent abrasion, the lifespan-production-volume of the rollers and the ring is only about 350.000 tons.

There is no wear protection on driving rollers and rings.

Costs for new rollers are about €19 000.



According to the width of the rollers, two sets of wear protective adhesive blocks are mounted on the driving rollers.


Due to wear protective realized through adhesive blocks the operating life of driving rollers and rings is doubled!!!

Dry lubricating blocks "HG045"


The maintenance-low lubrication with a friction coefficient of roughly 0,05 is ensured by the constant use of lubrication blocks on the metal surfaces (like electric carbon brushes). A manual lubrication with the disadvantages and expenditure is no longer needed. All these measures lead to reduced wear on running surfaces. 


  • Dry and dust-repellent, do not migrate
  • Work maintenance-free and long-term
  • coat continuously
  • completely waterproof 
  • high temperature resistant 1200 ºC 
  • environmentally friendly, no oil or fat (Water hazardous class 1)

Wear protective adhesive blocks "10035"


They lubricate the metal surfaces with a very hard, solid and dry protection coating of about 0,01 mm. This coating is set to maintain the existing friction (friction coefficient 0.3-0.5) and to protect against wear (driving rollers/ wheels).






  • Dry and dust-repellent
  • Work maintenance-free and long-term
  • Coat continuously
  • Weather-proof
  • Temperature resistant up to 300 ºC 
  • Environmentally friendly 

According to the width, one set is mounted per roller:

  • Roller width 120-150mm - set with 2 blocks
  • Roller width 180-205mm - set with 3 blocks
  • Roller width 245-280mm - set with 4 blocks


All sets are shipped "ready to use". Lubricating blocks and mountings with visual consumption display were used in this application. According to the rollers-width, a 2 up to 8 frame quick-change system is installed.

dimensions mounting angle: 50mmx50mm - welded frame