Wear-protection using lubrication blocs

A simple but effective way to reduce wear is to use „metal-protection blocs“ for surface conditioning. The blocs are mounted in a way, that they continuously glide on the surface to be protected using spring pressure (see electric carbon brushes) and in that way apply a protective layer of 0.001-0.005mm. The applied particles are integrated into the metal or plastic surface where they produce a highly stressable dry wear layer. 

Lubrication blocs type 10036 and HG045

Lubrication blocs“ (friction coefficient 0.015): for all applications with a need for wear-protection and dry consistent lubrication without maintenance.

Applications: in dusty environment where sticky and grease-containing lubrications can not be used – i.e.: gears, rings, shifting systems, elevators, high-bay warehouses, cranes, drums, guidings, asphalte mixers, concrete mixers, etc.

There are two options:

wear-protection lubrication blocs type 10036 with high MoS² content – priority is wear-protection


lubrication blocs type HG045 with low MoS² content – priority is lubrication