Wear protection through adhesive blocs 

A simple but effective way to reduce wear is to use „metal-protection blocs“ for surface conditioning. The blocs are mounted in a way, that they continuously glide on the surface to be protected using spring pressure (see electric carbon brushes) and in that way apply a protective layer of 0.001-0.005mm. The applied particles are integrated into the metal or plastic surface where they produce a highly stressable dry wear layer. 

Adhesion blocs type 10035

„Adhesion blocs“ (friction coefficient 0.3-0.7) are another option. They are used in applications to be protected from wear but at the same time keeping the friction where wear protection and at the same time maintenance of the present friction is necessary (driving gears, driving wheel, friction wheel). These wear-protection adhesion blocs have a standard friction coefficient of 0.6. Our in-house development and protection allows us to produce adhesion blocs with higher or lower friction coefficients adapted to the respective application.